Rock Band Drum Marathon Goes 24+ Hours

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You know how iTunes helpfully tells you your playlist contains "1.1 days" of music? Well, 22-year-old Sean Feica just drummed that in a solo Rock Band marathon that will be at least 25 hours straight by the time this is published. Holy shit, is pretty much all I can say.

We've been getting lots of game marathon notices, and no offense, lots of them sound like the ultra-successful Super Mario Marathon last month. But this really takes the cake. Feica, obviously, has achieved expert in this game many times over. He has all of the DLC for Rock Band and has gone through, as of writing, 223 out of 235 songs with 56 full combos. I'm not sure if he's going to start over once he finishes the last two, but if he doesn't, there are clips of his drumming on his Ustream page. He's also posted his full set list, with stats.

Human Drum Machine Plays Rock Band 20+ Hours Straight [Modus Gamerandi, thanks reader Andrew M.]


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