Ric Flair Knocked Out By Man In Bear Suit In The Name Of Red Alert 3 Marketing Confirmed

Seems that our sources at Electronic Arts are correct. Professional wrestler and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising star Ric Flair was indeed fighting bears in Los Angeles. Here's video proof.

In part one of the "To be continued" series of Flair Vs. Bear spots, Mr. Flair is assaulted by a Russian bear, imagery that should get the ire up of any red-blooded American male.


I can certainly relate. Despite not being much of a professional wrestling fan, I do tend to have discussions with my biceps while recounting my accomplishments. Never been knocked out by a Commie bear, though.

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Antisniper's Antisniper who Anti-Snipes Snipers

Utterly random. Just talking, and out of nowhere comes this Commie Bear...