After 16 years and nine full entries in the saga, Resident Evil may be at the point where it needs more than a fresh coat of paint. The series' producer hinted to Eurogamer that it may be due for "a slight reboot," to try to make it compelling again after Resident Evil 6 sank under poor reviews and disappointing sales.

Masachika Kawata said the "slight reboot" would be necessary to integrate an open-world structure into the game. Whether the series' handlers actually reboot the franchise or introduce a new game dynamic to it, though, something has got to be done.


"Once we see Revelations released on consoles, we'll be looking very carefully at how the title is received and what feedback we get," Kawata said. "We'll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next."

Resident Evil: Revelations, which released on the Nintendo 3DS last year, is due on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in May. Kawata also spoke to Eurogamer about the decision not to release Revelations on the PlayStation Vita.

Capcom: "there is a possibility" of Resident Evil series reboot [Eurogamer]

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