Capcom's Sad Excuse For Not Releasing Resident Evil: Revelations On The Vita

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3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations is being remade in HD, and will be coming to just about every platform under the sun in May. That means the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Curiously, the Vita is absent from the list, even though it could easily handle it. So, uh, why?


Replying to user questions on the PlayStation blog, Capcom's Mike Lunn says "when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent."


Um... the original game was released on an SD handheld with small screens. So that dog ain't gonna hunt. I think what Lunn obviously wants to say, but can't, is "well, we're not bothering because nobody will buy it". And as I look lovingly towards my beautiful, but dust-gathering Vita, that makes me a little sad.

Resident Evil Revelations Creeps to PS3 May 21 with New Features [PlayStation, via Eurogamer]

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People actually care about the Vita? There seemed to be a bit of hype when it was being developed, but after that, not much.