Reported DDoS Attack Delays Dota 2 International For Three Hours

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The second day of the biggest DOTA 2 tournament around, The International, was at a standstill for three hours today, thanks to an intense DDoS attack. The matches have since resumed.


Up until a few minutes ago, not a single round in The International’s second day had been completed.

Various Internet-related issues have plagued The International since it started, but commentators reportedly told the crowd DDoS attacks were responsible for today’s holdup.


Unsurprisingly, folks were kind of upset, especially the fans who were waiting in the arena.

Valve has not responded to my request for comment.

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Was watching the amazing comeback of EG against Complexity. DDoS.

Stopped the action entirely.

Nothing like one guy, with a basic program, ruining the fun of hundreds of thousands of people. It’s just the classy thing to do.