Report: Nintendo Is Releasing Two New Switch Models

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Expanding on a rumour they first published last year, The Wall Street Journal now reports that Nintendo is planning on releasing two new models of the Switch, and both may be out in 2019.


The first, they say, “will have enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers, although it won’t be as powerful as Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One X.”

The second model “is a cheaper option for casual gamers that Nintendo sees as a successor to its aging hand-held 3DS device.” The Wall Street Journal cites both parts suppliers and software developers in their report.

It’s claimed that the cheaper model will cut costs by removing features, with vibration specifically cited.

The WSJ say both new versions are expected to be announced at E3, “and possibly released a few months later” in time for both Christmas and the release of new games like Pokemon Sword & Shield and Animal Crossing.

The possibility of two new models is an interesting one. I think most people polled after the first report would have guessed that a new Switch would be either a cheaper replacement for the 3DS or a souped-up console for fanboys. Getting both would be wild.

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Luke Plunkett

I guess I’d imagined the existing Switch staying put and another new model coming in either above/below it. But this effectively kills the OG switch dead.