Report: Dead Space Extraction Will Not Have MotionPlus Support

IGN is saying that earlier news that Dead Space: Extraction would support Wii's MotionPlus technology "is merely misinterpretation," according to an unnamed Electronic Arts representative.


During a Thursday conference with investors, the Chief Operating Officer John Pleasants discussed MotionPlus support within EA's Tennis and Tiger Woods 2010 titles. Continuing the thought, he mentioned Dead Space, "which which some interpreted as a conformation of MotionPlus in Dead Space," said IGN.

"MotionPlus in a cursor-based game? It seemed a bit excessive, given Extraction's design," wrote IGN. They contacted someone at EA and were told, in fact, no MotionPlus in Extraction, although they don't offer a direct quote or a source name. They went on to reason that:

With the game essentially taking on the other "light gun" classics on Wii such as Umbrella Chronicles and the more recent House of the Dead: Overkill, the focus is on the system's IR functionality, and we'd assume EA went without MotionPlus because, quite frankly, it just isn't needed in this type of title.

EA: No MotionPlus in Dead Space [IGN]

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