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Dead Space Gets Wii MotionPlus Support, Sexy New Genre

Illustration for article titled Dead Space Gets Wii MotionPlus Support, Sexy New Genre

The Wii translation of Dead Space will do one thing right, at the very least—it will support the Wii MotionPlus peripheral for one-to-one motion tracking, making first-person shooting that much easier.


That was confirmed by Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer John Pleasants during his talk at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference 2009, who also talked up Dead Space Extraction's zero-gravity Necromorph dismemberment. Fun!

But if the notion of playing Dead Space with a Wii remote in an on-rails shooter setting doesn't quite do it for you, consider this. It's not so much an on-rails shooter as it is a "guided first person experience." Doesn't that sound lovely? GFPX, here we come!


All new details on Dead Space Extraction can be absorbed at MTV's new interview with Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on the Wii title, including mention of drop-in two-player coop.

EA Confirms MotionPlus Support for ‘Dead Space' Wii [GameCyte]
‘Dead Space Extraction' Dev Says Wii Is ‘Very Powerful,' Classifies Game As A ‘Guided First Person Experience' [MTV Multiplayer]

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ok im sorry but what?! this is perfect example of EA making a brilliant game (deadspace for ps3/360) and wanted to squeeze very penny they can out of the franchise by creating crappy wii ports... capcom did it with resdent evil, square enix have done it and now EA bring on the shovelware!! :D