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We as Westerners complain about the quality of video games all day long. At least we are not subjected to state-run tracts like I Carry Shit Up the Side of the Hill for the Commune Simulator 2013 or whatever it is that China's propaganda ministry is cooking up these days. Even Chinese gamers hate it, reports Al Jazeera.


Al says China's state-run games development, on the whole, bombs the 300 million or so estimated gamers in the country with jingoistic games celebrating the country's military prowess. That of course is laughable and silly because in the United States, private companies bomb our 170 million gamers with jingoistic games celebrating the country's military prowess. See? There's working harder, then there's working smarter. If only we could do the same thing over here with Social Security, Medicare, the Food and Drug Administration and the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Chinese gamers are not unlike you and I, though. "Fuck that shit," they say. Or, well, they say whatever "fuck that shit" is in Chinese, and go to Internet cafés to play Blade and Soul and Lineage Eternal, both made in South Korea, and League of Legends, made here in the land of barbecue, MMA and truck-stop porn.


Those games go No. 1 through 3 in popularity in China. The best domestic-made game over there is No. 57, whose developer was founded four years ago to make video games to train the Red Army. From the sound of it, no one has heard of Glorious Mission, which sounds like a sort of America's Army except for the fact everyone here has heard of America's Army.

No wonder consoles are banned in China.

China's patriotic video games fail to excite [Al Jazeera]

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