Report: China To Get Kinect Clone

Microsoft's Kinect will not go on sale in China. The fact that video game consoles are banned (yet, still widely available through the gray market) means that Microsoft isn't able to give the controller-free peripheral an official launch. That's okay.


According to a report on website, company Bejing eedoo is planning on revealing a controller-free gaming console this November. Called the "eBox", the machine is expected to be released in late 2011.

The eBox will apparently offer controller-free entertainment and gaming options. Like Kinect, actions will be detected via a webcam-type device. However, it is not yet known how accurate the eBox is, how it works exactly and whether it requires, say, users to stand while using it.

The eBox seems to be bundled with about 30 games, which is how it might be able to be legally sold in China. Plug'n'play devices like the Vii and Nintendo's iQue Player seem to be legal. Another thing that could be helping the eBox is that Bejing eedoo was apparently co-founded by Chinese computer giant Lenovo.


There have been stories circulating since 2007 that Microsoft is interested in launching the Xbox 360 in China. As of 2010, Microsoft is still keen to launch its console in The Mainland.


Kinect-Like eBox To Be Launched in China Next Year [ via doope via Kotaku Japan]

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