Sorry, China! When Kinect is released later this year, you won't be allowed to buy the motion control peripheral. At least, not officially.

Why? Chinese readers will know this, but for everyone else, there are laws in place in the country that forbid the legal, official sale of just about every video game console currently on the market (a few Nintendo machines, including the DS, excepted). Despite the fact all major consoles are made in China.

So you can't buy an Xbox 360, and with the release of Kinect, you still can't buy an Xbox 360. Or a PS3, for that matter, so presumably Move won't be seeing an official launch in China either (they'll still be quite easily available through third-party importers, however).

Helps put the country's PC gaming dominance in perspective, doesn't it? Of course people will play PC games if they can't play anything else.


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