Puzzle Quest Gets A Sequel

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Shrugging off the disappointment that was Galactrix, Australia's Infinite Interactive are now hardat work on a true sequel to the addictive, amazing Puzzle Quest.


And...there's nothing more to add at this point. It's Puzzle Quest 2, it's on the way, it's coming to at least the 360, and we'll hear more about it later. For now, soak up the above screenshot from the game, and see if you can find anything different about it.

New Puzzle Quest revealed in January GamePro! [GamePro]



Dear guys who make Puzzle Quest,

Fix your AI. Seriously. I'm all for a challenge, and I've conquered some of the best gaming has to offer. In addition to that, I'm usually a pretty calm individual. However, your game is on a very short list (hint: you're the only one on it) that has enraged me to a point where I've actually thrown my monitor off my desk in frustration.

After a ridiculous 45 minute battle against an opponent *VERY* slowly chipping away at their health (and keeping yourself healed) to gain the advantage, it shouldn't all go to shit because the enemy magically got 7 free turns, maxed out all mana types, and chained together a grand total of 15 +5 Damage skulls all in a single turn to 1 shot me.

Seriously. Fix that shit.


Gamers who don't want to buy new monitors.