Put Da NFL Preview on My No One's Back: Chargers vs. Patriots, Week Two

Bit of a speed bump here in just the second week of what I'd hoped would be a regular feature. Our commentator is AWOL. I'm still uploading the video so you can see what Madden NFL 12 predicts for this week's marquee matchup between New England and San Diego.


Where's Demetry? Well, life is what happens when you're making plans to play Madden, let's say. I had to substitute in longtime reader Chewblaha to play in Demetry's place, and then at the last minute we just couldn't cut the audio track. You can still see the highlights of what Chewie and I wrought. It is 100 percent hit-yourself-in-the-face stupid.


Look for the Chargers' Philip Rivers to throw three utterly boneheaded interceptions and make the New England defense look a lot better than it actually is. Defending passes to the tight end continues to be a problem for me, as New England's Rob Gronkowski hauls in six catches for 152 yards and the game winning touchdown with three seconds left in a 14-7 Patriots win.

Because it was me and Chewie, there's a lack of stupid stuff in here, although he did defer the kickoff after winning the coin toss and I did try to pull a really dumb fake field goal pass. This game actually featured four punts.

Of course, it'd be a lot funnier if we had Demetry's commentary on top of it but, we don't. Anyway, enjoy. Don't know if we'll be back next week. If not, it was fun while it lasted.

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Owen — you do realize that the pick you threw, you threw it directly into zone coverage while Gates had a man under his route, so....FOR CHRIST SAKE OWEN DONT THROW IT 20 YARDS TO A SLOW TE IN (what appears to be) PREVENT DEFENSE!