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Put Da NFL Preview on My Back, Week One: Saints vs. Packers, with the Greg Jennings YouTube Guy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember Demetry James? The man whose breathless narration of Greg Jennings 99-yard, broken leg touchdown in Madden NFL 10 amassed 5 million YouTube views has joined Kotaku and Deadspin to announce our video preview of the NFL's biggest game each week this season. [NSFW language] Today, we're going back to the matchup that started it all: Saints vs. Packers. But this time, the Saints are without a key piece of their defense.


That would be Darren Shaaaaaaaaaaahhpurrrrrrr, whom the Saints no longer consider one of the most hardest-hittin' safeties in the league, letting him go earlier this year. Without Sharper on the field, tonight you can look for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers to shred New Orleans for 509 yards passing, more than 300 of that to a single receiver, tight end Jermichael Finley.

These are the results of the highly scientific and accurate simulation Demetry and I conducted this weekend using Madden NFL 12. I'm playing as the Saints, Demetry as the Packers. The game featured a safety, four successful fourth down conversions, an 80-yard touchdown run by New Orleans rookie Mark Ingram, and of course, zero punts.


Demetry, who will be featured as a player and announcer during this series, also stuck about a two minute intro on this of me, playing as Barry Sanders in Madden Ultimate Team, karate kicking Cleveland's Mike Adams in the face. So rewind back if you want to see that. I've tried to timestamp the video here to 1:51, which is where the game's highlight package begins. Things really start to get good in the second quarter when Greg Jennings ... well, you know what Greg Jennings does.

This production, a joint initiative of Deadspin, Kotaku and Demetry James, will continue every week of the NFL season with a the best matchup of the coming weekend. Look for it on Fridays. (As the Packers and Saints will kick off in real life tonight at 8:30, we had to start a day early this week.)

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