Promotional Video Slip-Up Gets GameStick's $200,000 Kickstarter Taken Down Briefly [Updated]

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GameStick, a prospective Android gaming platform that easily surpassed a $100,000 funding goal within days of being listed on Kickstarter, has had its fund drive pulled by Kickstarter in light of "an intellectual property dispute." That decision is per Kickstarter itself.


Engadget reported that a support email sent out by PlayJam, GameStick's management, said they have 30 days to resolve and re-list their Kickstarter project. "If we are not able to re-post it within 30 days, we will cancel the project," says the email. Kotaku has reached out to a GameStick representative for comment.


The project seeks to deliver a $79 console—basically a thumb drive plugged into a TV's HDMI port—and a controller, allowing the user to play Android mobile titles on the television.

Just this morning, PlayJam announced an agreement to support a fully analog bluetooth controller made by Green Throttle Games. The statement said that GameStick had raised more than $270,000 in funding so far. The Kickstarter campaign opened Jan. 1.

Update: Looks like it's back up. A GameStick representative says a statement is coming shortly. We'll update with it here.

Second Update: The project's Facebook page said: "This IP issue has NOTHING to do with our design or product! It's a small snag in one of our promo videos demonstrating a game that was exposed without clearance. An oversight and one that we're editing in the video now."


Third Update: A statement from GameStick confirms the above: "As we launched on Kickstarter, we made a small oversight in one of our promo videos hosted on our campaign wherein we overlooked a game image in the video that wasn't cleared for exposure. ... To give Kickstarter credit, they look out for the intellectual property of others. They were alerted to this game in our video and immediately hid our campaign from the public. Once we learned what the intellectual issue was, we quickly removed the video and within two short hours we are now back up and running."

GameStick pulled from Kickstarter due to IP dispute [Engadget]

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