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For those wondering if Microsoft's Project Natal motion control automatically means they're working on Natal-enabled Halo titles, Halo 3: ODST producer's says, not necessarily. "We are committing to only doing it when it makes sense," Alex Cutting told

"We are not going to produce a gimmicky feature that just takes advantage of motion controls when it doesn't feel right," he added. "We're not going to make a feature that's not fun. If there's an opportunity to do it, we will definitely investigate it. If it's fun we will leave it in the game."


In late June, Bungie studio head perked up ears when he said the forthcoming Halo: Reach "could be enabled with" Natal. Cutting's remarks at least hedge the idea that it will.

Asked if Natal can accommodate the FPS, Cutting analogized it back to the FPS coming from its established mouse-and-keyboard base on the PC to dual-analog sticks with Halo earlier this decade.

"I think FPS, there's a lot to be said for dual stick control. But, you know, before dual sticks came around and before Halo: Combat Evolved established it on a console, people were pretty doubtful about that, that it could ever move from keyboard and mouse. So we've seen it already from one control scheme to another."


MS: We'll only do Natal Halo 'when it makes sense' [ via Joystiq]

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