COLOGNE - The Gamescom invites are rolling in. Oh yes, we'll be there. (Invite by SCEE)

Ridiculous Video Game HealBot Turns World of Warcraft Into a Dream

HealBot is a video game that you are supposed to play in order to get better at another video game. Imagine that.
People debate whether video games can train people to be better soldiers and worse drivers in real life. More »

Twisted Metal Embraces Its Fantastic Split-Screen Roots

So much has been made of Twisted Metal's campaign, its bloody, live-action storyline and online multiplayer that it might be easy to forget the game's amazing, couch-playing roots. More »



Do You Ever Regret the Time Spent Gaming?

Commenter Aikage returns to Speak Up on Kotaku for the second time in as many days, wondering if you every iamgine where life would have taken you if not for all of that time spent gaming. More »


After a Year of Natural Disasters, A Game that Lets Us Fight Back

From Dust is a very good video game that starts badly. It's dull, at first. Pick up dirt. Drop dirt. Pick up water. Spill water. You're a god! Re-shaping the land. More »


Welcome Kirk Hamilton as Kotaku's San Francisco Features Editor

It's always a pleasure welcoming a new voice to Kotaku, but considering how much I've been enjoying Kirk Hamilton's work over the last year as he blossoms into one of gaming most exciting writers, today's a special treat: More »


Catherine Charms the Pants Off Video Game Critics

Catherine first caught gamers' eyes last year largely due to sexy half-naked images of its title character. Months later the game is on store shelves, and we've all gained a deeply profound appreciation for sexy half-naked images of its title character. More »


7 Bad Dating Tips I Learned from My Xbox 360

Lonely? Unlucky in love? I used to be like you until I learned the secrets of love from my Xbox 360.
Now I'm passing these pointers of passion, all delivered in actual Xbox 360 dating-advice video games, on to you. More »


This is Your Final Free Dose of Red Dead Redemption DLC

Rockstar puts a name and a date of the final free installment of downloadable content for its award-winning western, Red Dead Redemption.
We knew Rockstar planned one last batch of downloadable content for Red Dead, but we didn't know that it was called the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack, nor did... More »


Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica HD Remakes Get Prices, Dates, Screens, and Trailers

The downloadable HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica X look even better once you know that they're coming to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in North America and Europe in September for 20 bucks a pop. More »


The Sneezing Radio, the Human Avatar Machine, the Menstruation Harness and Other Awesome Museum Pieces

We expect objects to talk to us. That's the core concept of the excellent exhibition Talk to Me running now, through November 7 at New York's Museum of Modern Art. More »

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