Commenter Aikage returns to Speak Up on Kotaku for the second time in as many days, wondering if you every iamgine where life would have taken you if not for all of that time spent gaming.

Do you ever regret gaming?

Especially in high school and college I feel I may have missed out on some things because I was busy playing DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). There would be parties I wouldn't attend partly because I'm not a drinker and partly because I wanted to stay home and play DOTA until 2am. I can't help but think if I had forced myself to go to those parties I may have become more social. Currently I really don't know how to act in social situations (although my wife assures me that few people do).


Then when I got married there was a period of time where my wife and I would game together. At first I thought it was great but then I started to wonder if maybe we could be doing other things together such as...well... talking or riding our bikes together.

Nowadays I've cut back a little. I don't think that gaming is the root of all evil at all and think that it can be incredibly beneficial and relaxing/enjoyable for just about anyone. I'm just wondering if for anyone else, they regret gaming at some point in their lives.

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