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Please, Hammer, Don't Hurt Bobby Kotick

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We definitely know that Activision's got something MC Hammer related on its 2009 plate. But photo evidence of the Funky Headhunter standing next to CEO Bobby Kotick? 2 legit not 2 post!


Hammer recently Twittered his hopes for "a great 2009 for Bobby Kotick and Activision" and revealed a grainy shot of the two "taken at dinner in NY November 2008" in what is probably the best CEO standing next to a former rap superstar picture ever.

The question is: What are Hammer and Activision collaborating on? Is it the trademarked but not officially announced Dance Hero? Hammer's DanceJam endeavor would certainly fit in with such a product, rife with marketing opportunities and YouTube-like uploading fun.


Or is Hammer knowledge sharing with Bobby and company on another Hero game that's yet to be named? If so, will it have a balloon pants controller?!

Thanks for the heads up, Jon.