Activision Trademarks 'Dance Hero'

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We'll bet you never saw this one coming. A recent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that Activision has filed a mark for Dance Hero, claiming services such as "interactive video game programs" and "video game controllers." The filing comes soon after first details on DJ Hero were posted on Kotaku, a trademark Activision filed for in February. While we imagine that Activision's theoretical take on the dancing game genre, if that's what the trademark is intended for, will require the rhythmic stepping on of various buttons and/or arrows. If we were in charge, Dance Hero would involve serious amounts of "serving" and a group of gold-hearted, brightly outfitted underdog street toughs who band together for a dance off to save their struggling community and maybe learn a lesson or two about diversity along the way. Dance Hero [USPTO]


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Did anyone else get a mental picture of Activision dressed up like a pimp bitch-slapping the Hero franchise??

Activision: "Give me your money bitch, don't make me cut that pretty face of yo's!!"

Hero Games: *crying* "I'm trying, but I'm only good for so long!! You can't just keep changing my name and putting new hair on me and expecting people to be hap - *SLAP*

Activsion: "Do what I say, bitch!!"