Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Activision

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Know that, despite his advancing years, MC Hammer is down with your technology, kids. In particular, he's all up in this Twitter business, keeping in touch (oh, and leaking potential video game projects).


Posting yesterday, Hammer Twittered:

I got one day to recover ,then it's LA to Activision to get a glance of a top secrete project on Monday...Cannot wait !!!


Provided he meant secret, and not that Activision are planning on, well, secreting something on top of him (there's always the chance!), colour us intrigued.

Late-80's/Early-90's Rap Hero? With Hammer, Young MC, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest? Run with this, Activision. We're interested.

MCHammer [Twitter, via Destructoid] [Image]

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MC Hammer? Oh shit boyee, I GOTS to get out all my old Africa Power gear! Jus cuz my skin be white, don't mean I can't not be tight! I'm down with OPP!... even if I don't know what it means. Shit man, jus acuz I got mugged every night for my gear, don't mean dis bro won't be spittin rhymes no more. One thing tho: They got any Ninja Rap or Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff? Man, my parents STILL don't understand, ya know what I'm sayin?