The alternate reality game Xi, which has made PlayStation Home a much more interesting place over the past week and a half is now leaking into the real world.

So far clues to the Xi puzzle have either appeared in PlayStation Home or on select websites, but now clues are starting to appear on billboards across the world. This video features Jess, the character at the heart of the whole Xi mystery. Supposedly one of the original testers of PlayStation Home, Jess has disappeared while working on a secret project, codenamed Xi. It shows a billboard with a link to the website, and then flashes a series of coordinates, the website, what looks like a rail map, and various other things I am just too lazy to single out. I'm sure you folks are more than capable of extracting information from this video like bees taking pollen from flowers, spreading the love in the comments section while I enjoy a suspense-free sandwich.


Xi Has Moved into the Real World [PlayStation Blog]

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