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PlayStation Home Gets Much More Interesting With Xi

Illustration for article titled PlayStation Home Gets Much More Interesting With Xi

There's much more to do in PlayStation Home than the Running Man today, as Sony launches the first console-based Alternate Reality Game, Xi.


Mysterious graffiti has shown up in the main square area of PlayStation Home, and looking at it gives you access to The Hub, where this whole new Alternate Reality Game pans out. I've only had a brief moment to look around, but so far there's a narrator who guides you around the hidden location, giving you tasks and slowly revealing more information as you explore.

I really wish they hadn't kicked this whole thing off at the beginning of Game Developers Conference week, because for the first time in months, I really, really want to be in PlayStation Home.



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Account Defunct

Sounds interesting. As it stands, I don't know why people KNOCK Home. There is so much potential for it and its still pretty much in infancy.

Now I can understand knocking Sony for taking so long to release a full version of Home. But that might just be in their strategy.