PlayStation 4 Controller is PC-Compatible 'for Basic Functions'

The PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller will be compatible with PCs for "basic functions" without a driver, PlayStation's president of worldwide studios said over Twitter. While "basic functions" weren't further defined, that's still better than the DualShock 3, which needs a whole lot of work to perform any functions.


Shuhei Yoshida tweeted the news yesterday in reply to someone asking if the company would release a driver making the controller Windows PC-compatible. Here's the reply.

Asked to clarify if that really meant out-of-the-box compatibility, Yoshida said:


Joystiq, which noticed the Tweet yesterday afternoon, points out that many non-Microsoft controllers show up as Xbox controllers on a Windows PC because they have the Xinput API, which the DualShock 3 lacks. Yoshida didn't go into more detail on how the DualShock 4 registers to a PC, or what functions it will have out of the box, saying instead:


DualShock 4 will work with Windows for 'basic functions' [Joystiq]

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