Play The Who's Super Bowl Jam Right After They Do

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Classic rockers The Who have put together a very special performance for the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIV, and Harmonix has put together a very special download of that performance, available for download as soon as the game ends.


MTV Games and Harmonix have somehow convinced The Who (somehow likely equals money) to provide an early recording of the performance they'll be giving during Sunday night's festivities, which will be ready to download and play in Rock Band as soon as the ending...what is the ending thing in football? Is it a whistle? A flag? I need to visit Wikipedia.

Either way, as soon as the game ends, owners of Rock Band for the Wii and Xbox 360 will be able to purchase "The Who Super Bowl S-mashup" for $1.99 (160 Microsoft points are 200 Wii points), with PlayStation 3 owners having to wait, possibly because it isn't Super Bowl Thursday yet.


This is exactly the sort of ridiculous marketing that makes me glad I own a set of plastic instruments.

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So is it one track, that's some sort of mashup of 2 or 3 songs by The Who?

That would explain the "The Who Super Bowl S-mashup" title.

I'd have to guess that Baba O'Riley will be part of it, since I'm pretty sure I've had song being played in ads for this Super Bowl, plus I've heard it used pretty frequently at other sporting events.