Play Tekken 6 Online Co-Op Next Week

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Tekken 6 gets even more online play next week, with a free update that will allow two players to play the game's Scenario Campaign mode cooperatively via the magic of the internet.


Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode is pretty much your standard beat-em up, and everybody knows that beat-em ups are better with a friend. Namco Bandai finally acknowledges and addresses this, with a free update coming on January 18th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that allows two players to team up online for some serious ass-kicking action. The update will also introduce a co-op leaderboard, so folks can see how compatible they are with various partners, at least as far as Tekken is concerned.

This is the update I've been waiting for. With someone chatting in my ear constantly, perhaps I can finally finish Scenario Campaign mode instead of falling asleep.


Nightshift Nurse

Hey Namco, how about fixing the atrocious load times while you're at it?

It's pretty shameful that an arcade game built on modified PlayStation 3 hardware should run so poorly on the PlayStation 3 itself.