"Pixels" Picks A Writer For Its Feature-Length Release

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Pixels, the animated short about game characters rampaging through New York, got Adam Sandler's attention earlier this year. Now he's put one of his top writers to work on the story for a cinematic release.


Tim Herlihy has the job, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Herlihy wrote some of Sandler's more successful and better known films, including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy.

Sandler's reportedly imagining a "Ghostbusters-style action comedy" in which 1980s video game characters are loosed upon an unsuspecting New York. Past reports have said the film would have a 3D release, which makes sense; Sony's Columbia Pictures is co-producing.

Happy Madison Hires Writer for 'Pixels' Feature [The Hollywood Reporter]


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