Pirated Copies Of Take On Helicopters Make Your In-Game Pilot Drunk

For a very long time, people have been making games. And a moment after people started selling these things, other people began stealing them. So developers have continued to include features that trip up pirates. For example, getting drunk in a game about flying helicopters.


This is seen in a new video from The Easter Egg Hunter, where he covers a few games that include some silly, strange, and annoying issues that only pirates will encounter. (Or if you are unlucky and your game bugs out and it THINKS you stole it.)

What’s very funny to me and is mentioned in the video, is that some of these bugs would get reported on forums. Players would share stories about how Batman wouldn’t glide around and instead just flapped about like a chicken trying to fly. And the developers and other players would pop in and go “So... you stole this game, huh?”

As someone who once pirated games back when I was young and had no money, I get the desire to play new games, even if you can’t afford it. But I also think it’s only fair that developers get to have some fun at the expense of folks stealing from them.

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A few problems with these approaches. One of them is that it can, and invariably does, affect legitimate buyers in various situations. I’ve had it happen to me several times from the games that employ this. GTA IV on Steam was so bad (making it so you can’t use the internet in game, thus no longer progress in story) I had use a stupid crack to play what I bought. Then, when you bring it up in the forums you just hear the stupid, “HAHA! STFU you stupid pirate!” Including from developers. For months.

Then oops, yeah our bad it is affecting legitimate customers for various reasons. We’ll get on a patch.

Don’t know, don’t care if it happens here, but it stupid all the same. Waste of time and resources.

Piracy isn’t stealing. Stealing is stealing. Mainly because “Piracy” is also about getting back your rights, as a consumer. Not to steal but to play what you purchased legally until you die. From always online bullshit to DRM that breaks and slows down your game.

I’d be fine with DRM if developers took the current Capcom approach and release a DRM free version after a certain period of time. But all too often that doesn’t happen.

People who pirate do it for various reasons and if they’re doing it to steal, that is to say play a game they can afford but won’t pay, well the conversion rate isn’t particularly high on them suddenly buying digital stuff when DRM isn’t cracked. Moreover, the more successful the DRM the more detrimental it is to paying customers. See: Denuvo’s various implementations.

If piracy really was as damaging as the pearl clenchers think it was then GOG would have been dead in the water long ago and Cyberpunk on PC wouldn’t have sold nearly as well it did despite itself. Let along Witcher 3.

Stealing is wrong. “Piracy” isn’t always stealing. DRM is always wrong and doesn’t work. This is a form of DRM and it’ll be interesting to see if it affects legit customers. Particularly a few years after its implementation. Historically, that’s when these things start to break down and affect paying customers.