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There's A Strange Monster Hiding In Hot Shots Golf 4

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Screenshot: Sony / Oddheader / Kotaku

We are only a few days away from Halloween, so it seems like the perfect time for a video collecting some dark and creepy hidden things players have found in video games.

From popular YouTuber Oddheader, this video features a wide variety of games, from a golf game to an online mini-game collection to even a visual novel. It seems nowhere is safe from a creepy or bizarre secret.


For example, in Hot Shots Golf Fore! on the PS2 you can find a strange-looking creature lurking out in the woods on one particular course.

While Oddheader doesn’t mention this in the video, it looks a lot like what folks have reported as “The Flatwoods Monster.” This was supposedly some sort of alien cryptid spotted in West Virginia back in the early 50s. Most likely, folks saw a barn owl in a tree covered in shadows that made it look like a figure. OR maybe it is real and it loves watching people play golf. Regardless, the creature is rather popular around the world and has appeared in other games, such as Fallout 76 and Majora’s Mask.


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This was also the final boss in the NES game “Amagon”.