Phew, Cyberpunk 2077 Will Let You Embiggen Its Tiny Subtitles

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Screenshot: CD Projekt Red/Kotaku

CD Projekt Red recently shared a screenshot of a scene from Cyberpunk 2077 with subtitles turned on, which immediately made the internet’s eyes hurt. Fortunately, the publisher now says players will have some options for that tiny text bigger.

Here’s the shot CD Project Red tweeted out on Friday:

Illustration for article titled Phew, iCyberpunk 2077/i Will Let You Embiggen Its Tiny Subtitles
Image: CD Projekt Red

“Those subtitles are next to impossible to read,” one person, summing up a lot of people’s fears, tweeted back on Sunday night. “Why make something no one can read that needs to be read?”

The developer responded by tweeting back, “You’ll be able to adjust those (color / size).” CD Projekt Red didn’t go into any more detail, and declined to elaborate when Kotaku reached out for comment, but at the very least it sounds like players will be able to make Cyberpunk 2077’s subtitles stand out more than The Witcher 3’s.

Tiny-ass fonts have been a big problem for a number of years now. Some developers have addressed the issue by patching in options for font size sliders and big-text modes. The Witcher 3 was one of the bigger offenders back when it first came out, to the point where I took screenshots of in-game books and item descriptions and sent them to my phone so I could look at them later. CD Projekt Red eventually patched The Witcher 3 to increase the text size, but years later it’s still on the small side.


Hopefully a version of Cyberpunk 2077’s subtitle options applies for the rest of its in-game text as well.

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Glad there’s an option for it. I can hear just fine, but I’m terrible at parsing out a conversation with background elements playing.  Music, NPC chatter, you name it. So I always rock voiced subtitles, so I can glance down if I feel like I missed something important. But since I’m largely playing at 4k these days most subtitles are nigh impossible to read without staring at them directly.