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Party On

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: The Final Countdown


Have a blast at E3, although I'm not sure what you'll be writing about, since the weekend was slap full of rumors and leaks bigfooting on all the big stuff to be announced this week. Kidding, of course; I'm sure Crecente will have you running like valets on meth. And enjoy tonight's party at the Golden Gopher; we had it there when I was in town last year. Total festa di salsiccia, of course, but then, we're talking about video gamers. And you're engaged anyway.


Some highlights while you were crossing the (other) pond.

ESRB Confirms Final Fantasy VII for PS3, PSP
Rumor: Next Halo Game is "Halo: Reach"?
New Dead Rising 2 Trailer Shows Off a Sea of Zombies
Report: New Mario Game, Online Wii Fit Plus For 2009
Portable Size-Off: How The PSP Go Measures Up
Trademark Troll Gets Mobigames' EDGE Taken Down

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Because you so obviously wanted it and I might as well be the one to give it to you: