Come To Kotaku's E3 Party This Sunday

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Kotaku's annual pre-E3 party is happening this Sunday, giving you a chance to buy those shots you owe me, rub elbows with fellow Kotaku readers, and drunkenly hit on video game PR reps. Good times.


Yes, the Kotaku crew is once again heading to the lovely and historic Golden Gopher in downtown Los Angeles for a night of drinks, chit chat, and hangover research on Sunday, May 31st, the night before a slew of E3 press conferences and appointments kick off.

This year, we'll be doing things a little different, adding some musical accompaniment, giveaways and more. Of course, we'll have an open bar (for a limited time!), all sponsored by your good friends at Meat Bun. That's right. Me and my cohorts are going to buy you a drink. And you'll even get first crack at our new stuff!

The bar opens at 8 PM, so make sure you're on time and of drinking age if you'd like to spend Sunday night happy hour with us. Yes, that means this is a 21 and over event. So age with a vengeance!


I saw "Golden Golpher" and foolishly hoped for a moment that you were holding the party in Minnesota. Then common sense kicked in and I was disappointed.