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Overpaying for Real Bacon, Simply Put, Sucks

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: On the Road to PAX: The Idaho Edition Every one of these PAX trip Day Notes I read, I keep hearing Willie Nelson sing "On The Road Again". Ever had Japanese bacon? It's awful. Simply awful. There are loads of food they get right here, but damn, they get bacon so very wrong. It's actually sold (and prepared) so that it can be eaten out of the package — meaning it's already been cooked, and it's not bacon as most Americans know it. Today, Mrs. Bashcraft went to Costco, came back with bacon, American bacon, this bacon, actually. As Fahey so eloquently put it: Farmer John. Our Pigs Are Totally Fucking Doomed. I've never had it, but it looks like real bacon. Nor did I do a taste test to see if I can eat it out of the package. The surprising thing is that while most Costco stuff is sold in bulk, this was only sold as one package of bacon. And it cost the equivalent of US$8.00. Is that just an insane mark-up? Don't remember bacon being so damn expensive... What you missed last night Guitar Praise - Knocking Off Guitar Hero.. For Jesus Pandemic Batman Game Given The Arse Why All This Gearbox Halo 4 Talk? Here's Why... (Maybe) Xbox 360 Goes Arcade, For Reals Itagaki Bets You A Beer The PS3 Is Easier To Program For Than The Famicom Home Hits Asia In "Fall 2008" New Games, Remade As Game Boy Games, Results Are Awesome Two New PS3 Bundles For Europe


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