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Our Hands All Over The Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Illustration for article titled Our Hands All Over The Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

In case you missed them earlier today, our own Stephen Totilo spent some time with the preview for the next Xbox 360 Dahboard update, putting Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, and streaming HD video to the test.


Xbox 360 Update Hands-On: Facebook And Twitter
Microsoft provided Kotaku with an early version of the November Xbox 360 dashboard update. I just tested Twitter and Facebook on my 360. Watch.


Xbox 360 Update Hands-On: The Stuff That Didn't Work, For Me
Instant streaming in 1080p? Microsoft did warn that its new Zune video marketplace might not allow for streaming for people with slower (slow-ish?) connections. This is my low-point in my three-part preview of the 360's new November dashboard.

Xbox 360 Update Hands-on: Last.FM In Action
The final part of our Xbox 360 November dashboard update saves the best for last, without intending the pun. Here's Last.FM in action on my 360, injecting a bit of Zelda and MF Doom into my system.

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If I don;t care for any of this, do i still have to update? Well, probably if I want online access.

:( #dashboardupdate