Xbox 360 Update Hands-On: The Stuff That Didn't Work, For Me [UPDATE]

Instant streaming in 1080p? Microsoft did warn that its new Zune video marketplace might not allow for streaming for people with slower (slow-ish?) connections. This is my low-point in my three-part preview of the 360's new November dashboard.

The video marketplace on the Xbox 360 has been re-branded with the Microsoft Zune brand. I checked that out as part of my preview of the new features coming to the 360 for Xbox Live users next month.

My hope was to stream some 1080p video to my system with no delay. I didn't have high hopes. I am reliant on Wi-Fi from a cable modem. But the modem is far away and I can seldom even get good Halo 3 match-making with my connection. So...


You'll see why I used the headline above once you watch the video.

[UPDATE: I've added my Internet connection speeds. Based on an online test, my downstream is 955kbps, upstream is 434kbps. As I said in the video and the post. Sloooow. Microsoft has recommended download speeds at least eight times greater than mine at 8-10mbps.]

The Zune marketplace supports party viewing of movies, but I wasn't able to test that.

Also not working for me during this preview were are few of the features scheduled to go live when this service launches next month: An news feed, an offering of New Yorker and Dilbert cartoons and music-game-specific online stores.


Hey, this is a preview. It can't all work perfectly yet. And my home Internet connection ain't great. That's why I'm moving this weekend (other reasons, too).

Check out part 1 of this November Xbox 360 Dashboard Update preview, which shows Facebook and Twitter on my 360.


Check out part 3 of this November Xbox 360 Dashboard Update preview, which shows Last.FM on my 360.


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Hardly a fair test then...

You should NOT have run this article!


You should not have run that headline!

Perhaps this service will suck for everyone but maybe it won't. Knowing that you have a terrible connection, you should not have written a headline that makes it look like the service failed you.