To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: The Christmas Van

Last week Mountain Dew sponsored a VGA 2008 giveaway of 7,000 copies of downloadable games. I wondered if opting out of Pepsico's marketing would de facto nullify your entry's chance of winning. Well, guess what?

It didn't.

Several readers wrote back in to say they opted out fully and still got their games. Levi B., Chad B. Patrick E. and blackpanther25 got PixelJunk Eden. Reader mattjop1033 took home Audiosurf.


Whereas I entered for PixelJunk Eden, checked every box imaginable and have so far gotten ... well, nothing. Not even marketing spam. Curious. Either way, kudos to everyone who got their free game, and kudos to Mountain Dew and Pepsico for keeping it honest.

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