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Bob of Bob's Game Protests Nintendo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bob Pelloni's 15,000 hours spent making a DS homebrew might sound somewhat extreme. Well, now he's spending 100 days in a room, "locked and barricaded from the outside," to protest Nintendo's treatment of his project.


He needs a DS software development kit to get his game, basically a top-down 2D adventure, into retail packaging. Nintendo won't sell him one. Bob says he's spoken with Nintendo about it, filed an application for the kit, was told he'd have an answer in 6 to 8 weeks, and now he's on week 17 with no answer and no kit. Thus, he's begun a "One Hundred Day Tensai Sit Down Protest."

Here's his story on getting the kit, or lack thereof:

I met with Nintendo in February- almost a YEAR ago- to ask for the SDK.
I did teleconferencing. I flew to GDC and had a face-to-face meeting.
I asked the WarioWorld division, and they sent me to marketing.
I talked to marketing, and they said apply with WarioWorld division!
The agreement on the application states I will receive a decision in 6-8 weeks. It has been 17 weeks!
I fulfill all the requirements- I'm a financially stable registered company with a FEIN working from a commercial address.
When Nintendo decides to approve my developer license application I will end my protest.


And here are the conditions of his protest confinement, which you can view via live webcam:

I cannot leave this viridian room. The door is locked and barricaded from the outside.
I am sleeping behind the camera, and yes- I've got a shower. Food is delivered once a week by a friend.
I have no internet access, television, or game consoles besides those I am developing on.
I can receive and send email on my Android G1, so I can get Nintendo's reply and update my site with tether.
The LED counter will be incremented once a day, and sometimes it will display hints and secret messages.

He is on Day 11 of this protest. Bob justifies his work, says he meets all of Nintendo's requirements, then goes on a rant about the quality of his game and the lack of it in other titles. He says he's worked on the project for five years and isn't going to give up "just because some stubborn intern or mid-level marketing exec at NOA is deleting my emails! I want an answer, and I want to hear it from the top. [...] I'll see you there on day 100, REGGIE!"

Alright, Reggie Fils-Aime, you heard the man, ball's in your court!

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