What 15,000 Hours Of DS Homebrew Development Looks Like

If you're a friend of Robert Pelloni and you're wondering why you haven't seen him for half a decade, here's why. Bob's Game, a title we'll assume is tentative for now, is a top down 2D adventure game built over the course of five years by a single person.


Yes, one (obviously mad) developer is responsible for the programming, art, music, story and script required to bring Bob's Game to life. According to the developer, the homebrew title is a simple adventure game, an RPG-lite sans repetitive battles that looks more than a bit Shenmue-esque.

You can learn all about it by checking out the annotated version of the above clip at YouTube. Pelloni is currently seeking a publisher and hopefully sunlight. "bob's game" for Nintendo DS


[Thanks, Matt!]

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Well I'm not sure it's 5 years wellspent development as it doesn't show in this particular video. I'd say Pixel's work with Cave Story shows something more solid.

I'm amazed that he can keep continuing tho. and whoever said it looks like shit obviously compares this with Crysis. It looks mediocre perhaps but like shit, no.