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How long until our generation starts a VGA pool, the way Oscar pools are now run? Here are my picks for tonight's honors. Choices that have already been named by rumor are marked.


Update: My picks for what will win run first. My picks for what/who should win are bracketed.

Note: • = Named as a winner in the rehearsal.


Game of the Year: Grand Theft Auto IV [Gears of War 2]
Studio: Media Molecule [Bethesda]
Shooter: Left 4 Dead• [Gears of War 2]
RPG: Fallout 3 [Fallout 3]
Fighter: Soulcalibur IV• [Smash Bros. Brawl]
Sports: Shaun White Snowboarding• [Same]
Handheld: God of War: Chains of Olympus [Same]
Best Graphics: LittleBigPlanet [Same]
Adapted Game (TV or Movie): Lego Indiana Jones• [Holds nose, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed]
Music Game: Rock Band 2 [RB2]
Driving Game: Burnout: Paradise• [Burnout Paradise]
Action Adventure: Grand Theft Auto IV [Metal Gear Solid 4]
Team Sports Game: FIFA 09 [FIFA 09]
Soundtrack: Grand Theft Auto IV [Not nominated: Bionic Commando: Rearmed]
360 Game: Gears of War 2 [Gears 2]
Wii Game: Boom Blox• [Smash Bros. Brawl]
PS3 Game: Metal Gear Solid 4 [LittleBigPlanet]
PC Game: Left 4 Dead• [Left 4 Dead]
Original Score: Fallout 3 [Fallout 3]
Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead• [Left 4 Dead]
Performance by a Male: Michael Hollick (Grand Theft Auto IV)• [Jason Zumwalt, Grand Theft Auto IV]
Performance by a Human Female: Debi Mae West (Metal Gear Solid 4) [Debi Mae West, MGS4]
Big Name in the Game, Male: Kiefer Sutherland (COD 4)• [Don't care, bullshit category]
Big Name in the Game, Female: Jenny McCarthy (Command & Conquer Red Alert 3)• [Ditto]
Independent Game: Braid [Braid]

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