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How long until our generation starts a VGA pool, the way Oscar pools are now run? Here are my picks for tonight's honors. Choices that have already been named by rumor are marked.


Update: My picks for what will win run first. My picks for what/who should win are bracketed.

Note: • = Named as a winner in the rehearsal.


Game of the Year: Grand Theft Auto IV [Gears of War 2]
Studio: Media Molecule [Bethesda]
Shooter: Left 4 Dead• [Gears of War 2]
RPG: Fallout 3 [Fallout 3]
Fighter: Soulcalibur IV• [Smash Bros. Brawl]
Sports: Shaun White Snowboarding• [Same]
Handheld: God of War: Chains of Olympus [Same]
Best Graphics: LittleBigPlanet [Same]
Adapted Game (TV or Movie): Lego Indiana Jones• [Holds nose, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed]
Music Game: Rock Band 2 [RB2]
Driving Game: Burnout: Paradise• [Burnout Paradise]
Action Adventure: Grand Theft Auto IV [Metal Gear Solid 4]
Team Sports Game: FIFA 09 [FIFA 09]
Soundtrack: Grand Theft Auto IV [Not nominated: Bionic Commando: Rearmed]
360 Game: Gears of War 2 [Gears 2]
Wii Game: Boom Blox• [Smash Bros. Brawl]
PS3 Game: Metal Gear Solid 4 [LittleBigPlanet]
PC Game: Left 4 Dead• [Left 4 Dead]
Original Score: Fallout 3 [Fallout 3]
Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead• [Left 4 Dead]
Performance by a Male: Michael Hollick (Grand Theft Auto IV)• [Jason Zumwalt, Grand Theft Auto IV]
Performance by a Human Female: Debi Mae West (Metal Gear Solid 4) [Debi Mae West, MGS4]
Big Name in the Game, Male: Kiefer Sutherland (COD 4)• [Don't care, bullshit category]
Big Name in the Game, Female: Jenny McCarthy (Command & Conquer Red Alert 3)• [Ditto]
Independent Game: Braid [Braid]

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Hey, just remember, you can reserve ALL of the games you saw tonight at GameStop... Power to the "players..." And "money hungry executive driven corporations."

Also, Drink Dew, Join the Army, and Eat at Burger King.