More Leaks from the VGA Rehearsal

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In addition to the Gears 2 rumor, attentive spies listening to the VGA rehearse logged a slew of award winners. We can verify that some actual announcements slipped out, but can't specify which.


According to the eyes and ears at PrimoTech, this is some of what what you can expect tonight. Note: We can't vouch for the accuracy of individual items, just that the rehearsal cam did spill some legit information. So some of this can't be considered verified. But the fact the rehearsal cams went silent about an hour ago is a big indicator. My commentary is in brackets.

Special Announcements
• Gears of War 2 ‘Combustible' Map Pack available on Xbox Live Marketplace 12 PM Pacific/3 AM East TONIGHT
• EA debuts Dante's Inferno title, coming in 2009 (See Variety)
• Pearl Jam's ‘Ten' available as downloadable Rock Band album in March


Award Winners
• Best Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead (Valve)
• Best PC: Left 4 Dead (Valve)
• Best Fighting: Soul Calibur 4 (Project Soul)
• Best Driving: Burnout Paradise (Criterion)
• Best Portable: Professor Layton (Level 5)
• Best Wii: Boom Blox (EA Casual)
• Best Individual Sports: Shaun White Snowboarding (Ubi Montreal)
• Best Female in a Game: Jenny McCarthy as Tanya in Red Alert 3 (EA Westwood)
• Best Game Based on a Movie or TV Show: Lego Indy (Traveller's Tales)
• Best Performance by a Human Male: Michael Hollick as Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)
• Big Name in a Game: Kiefer Sutherland (Call of Duty: World at War)
• Gamer God Inductee: Will Wright (Sim City, Spore)

• Marisa Miller presenting. [Geoff Keighley told Major Nelson it's tied to the Gears 2 announcement].
• LL Cool J presenting ‘Best Shooter'
• Peter Moore presenting Fight Night Round 4 [confirmed]
• Neil Patrick Harris presenting ‘Best Indie Game' [Doogie Howser: Day of Crisis?]
• Eliza Dushku presenting Kieffer Sutherland as ‘Big Name in Game' winner
• Kim Kardashian presenting first footage of EA's Dante's Inferno
• Tony Hawk presenting Game God Inductee Award to Will Wright [Name of award and recipient confirmed by Keighley to Nelson]
• Geoff Keighley presents Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned DLC
• Jerry Stiller makes a cameo for some strange reason [to Air the Grievances?]

Miscellaneous (this sounds like they caught comedy bits or scripted lines. Commentary is Primotech's):
• Plaxico Burress named ‘Best Shooter' [LMFAO]
• Jack Black is all zany with his Xbox 360 headset! How zany!
• Talking Spore creatures are somewhat fond of Will Wright
• Dante's Inferno is "based on a book or something." This perturbs Kim Kardashian a great deal.

Live Winners and News from The Spike 2008 Video Game Awards Show

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According to one list of leaks, MGS4 won Best GOTY, Best PS3 Game, Best Action/Adventure, Best Original Score and Best Graphics.

I got this from the rehearsals but there is some confusion as to whether they were actual award winners or just, rehearsal examples.