One Good Reason To Marry Shoko Nakagawa (If You're Five)

To: Fahey From: Bashcraft Ahoy! I'm back at home in Osaka. Glad to be home. Good to be home. I took the bullet train home Sunday afternoon, and like every time I take the bullet train home, I got a bentou and two beers. Eating a tasty bentou and drinking good beer while speeding through the Japanese countryside is not a bad way to kill a few hours. Thing is, as soon as I sat down, I fell sound asleep and did not awake until I arrived at Shin Osaka Station. A little kid was actually staring at me when I woke up and asked me in English what my name was. I said, "Brian." She then said, "Nice to meet cho" and shook my hand before going into the next train carriage. When I got home, the family was glad to see me, which is always a wonderful thing to come home to. (Well, better than when they're pissed off at me.) Told Mini-Bash that there was a music concert at TGS, and nerd idol Shoko Nakagawa was there. Besides being a pop star, she also co-hosts a Sunday morning Pokémon show. Conversation that ensued with kid after the jump. What you missed last night Barack Obama Campaigns on Burnout Paradise Kojima Might Announce New Game At Next Year's TGS Faith From Mirror's Edge Fan-Designed For Asian Tastes If Miyamoto Designed A Motorcycle... Otomedius Gorgeous! Our TGS Boob Shootin' Fix Microsoft Offering 20GB HDDs Refurb For NXE Upgrade

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Me: Say, there was a concert at TGS and Shoko Nakagawa was singing at it. Mini-Bash: (very interested) Did you meet Shoko-tan? Me: No. Mini: You didn't meet her? Me: I had to go to some other event. Mini: You didn't go? Me: No. I had to do other stuff. Sorry. Mini: Did you see her? Me: No. Mini: I would've gone. You really should've gone, Daddy. Later, my wife told me that Mini-Bash had said days earlier that when he grew up he wanted to marry Shoko-tan. "Not because she's pretty," he told her, "but because she's pretty and knows so much about Pokémon." Buddies Patrick Macias and Matt Alt have met Shoko-tan. Lucky them!



Hey Brian, I'm going to Osaka on thursday, any recommendations of what to do when we're down there?