That's Faith, lead character of first-person-parkour game Mirror's Edge. The game is designed by Swedish dev D.I.C.E., and naturally, the character exotic looks certainly look skewed towards Western tastes. The game, out in North America and Europe next month, is getting a Japan release in mid-December. The language will be localized in Japanese, but not the character design. As reader Torokun points out: "There is always a huge complain from Asian gamers whenever Western developers design Asian female characters..." As Torokun continues, this is mainly because many Westerners' definition of what is considered as "Asian" beauty is very different from what Asians consider beautiful." Hit the jump for a fan-created "doctoring" of Faith if she was created specifically for the East and not the West.


This is in no way official art. Still, which do you prefer? Mirror's Edge [Ruliweb Thanks, Torokun!]

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