No More Heroes' Goichi Suda Has Plans For The Wii Vitality Sensor

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You may not have been overly excited to see Nintendo unveil the Wii Vitality Sensor, a Wii Remote add-on that monitors one's pulse and "the body's inner world," but it filled No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle director Goichi Suda with ideas.


Sadly, those ideas don't seem like they'll make it into the follow up to Wii adventure No More Heroes. And the Grasshopper Manufacturer CEO wouldn't tell us what those ideas were. But considering Desperate Struggle's focus on revenge and Wii Remote swordfighting, one would think monitoring a player's pulse would be regularly up.

Vitality Sensor use in Suda's upcoming game probably won't happen, but Wii MotionPlus support might. Suda says Grasshopper is "going to definitely try to use" the peripheral for No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, one of the few properties the developer has worked on that's spawned a sequel.


If they can figure out how to dual-wield beam katanas with one-to-one motion tracking, we could have something interesting on our hands. Just not our fingers.

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Motion Plus in No More Heroes 2 is a no-brainer, I really hope they can get it in there because you never know if there will be a No More Heroes 3 to slip Motion Plus into.

Still, its good to hear that someone has an idea for the gadget. Only viable thing I can really think of is to use it for a horror game so the game measures how scared you are and tunes the game accordingly (as in from intense to intense-ER!) Or maybe a Silent Hill where you trigger the town's transformation with your own fear. That'd be pretty neat, I think.