No More Heroes Developer Gets More Heroes

Earlier this year, Tokyo-based Grasshopper Manufacture snagged Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame from Konami. This month, it also signed two more "name" developers.


Yasuhiro Wada, creator of farming sim Harvest Moon, has joined Grasshopper as the company's new Chief Operating Officer. Yoshiro Kimura, who designed the role-playing game Little King's Story, will be Grasshopper's Chief Creative Officer.

The studio, which is best known for No More Heroes, is working on an array of titles. The games that Wada and Kimura are working on have not yet been made public.

Cing, one of the developers that worked on Little King's Story, went bankrupt earlier this year.


Wada left his post at Marvelous Entertainment earlier this year, citing "personal reasons". Marvelous Entertainment has stopped developing original games.


Grasshopper honcho Goichi Suda believes that both Wada and Kimura will make the studio stronger. Here's hoping things work out for them.

[完全版]和田氏、木村氏がグラスホッパー・マニファクチュアに移籍 [Famitsu] [Pic]

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