Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka Finds New Home At Grasshopper Manufacture

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Akira Yamaoka, famous for his musical and directorial contributions to Silent Hill, recently ended his longtime employment at Konami. That publisher's loss is quirky developer Grasshopper Manufacture's gain, as Yamaoka has signed on with Goichi Suda's studio, according to Famitsu.


According to 1UP's account of Famitsu's interview with Suda and Yamaoka, the musician will be put to work on the horror game Grasshopper is developing for Electronic Arts, the one headed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. (Mikami also has another game in the works, Vanquish for Platinum Games/Sega.)


Yamaoka also indicates that, while his current tasks involve helping Grasshopper on the musical side, he would like to use all of his game production talents at some point. We'd also like that, thank you very much.

Silent Hill Director Joins Grasshopper Manufacture [1UP]

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Andre P.C.

Oh my, Silent Hill is dead. I kinda knew that, after playing homecoming (I am one of the few that likes SH4), but I had that little hope, that everything would be back again. Damn.

It's a good news though. I am happy that he still in the business, and a game made by Yamaoka, Mikami and Goichi would be great (wishful thinking, yeah)!

But think this, Yamaoka and Mikami: it means SH + RE. Whoa! The thought just crossed my mind while I was thinking that mixing above. Horror game, made by one of the greatest horror game designers (could I call them that?) ever (or at least most influential (lots of parenthesis, sorry)) can only mean something good coming on. Right? Right?