Nintendo Responds To April NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

As we've seen, while they tried to put a brave face on, April was fairly forgettable for Microsoft and Sony. But Nintendo? Well, Nintendo have something to crow about.


The DS alone sold over a million, outselling every other competitor's console, portable and handheld, combined, with the new DSi contributing a mighty 827,000 of those sales. That tally set a new all-time record for April hardware sales in the US.

But it's not like the Wii was slacking, either, as with 340,000 sold it did better than the tallied sales of the 360 and PS3.

Knowing that the numbers speak for themselves, and that kicking your opponents while down is bad sport, Nintendo of America smile machine Cammie Dunaway kept it brief, saying "Nintendo systems and software represented 56 percent of the industry total shares in April, indicating continued strong consumer preference for quality and value".

"Looking ahead, we are excited to introduce active-play games like Punch-Out!! and Wii Sports Resort into the market." Oh come now, Cammie. We bet you're excited for Spirit Tracks, too.

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