April 2009 was down on April 2008, across the board. Cause for concern, yes? Not if you're Microsoft, who are just pumped at the Xbox 360's "rate of growth" and "resilience".

The 175,000 Xbox 360s sold in April represents a drop of 7% from this time last year, leaving the company to try and focus on things like the fact that "Xbox 360 sales were up 28 percent year-on-year in the first four months of 2009" and that some of the most popular 360 titles for the month included Godfather II and, uh, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.


This is normally where we'd move onto a rousing speech from somebody like Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, but this month, no rhetoric. No executive statements. Just the above. Guess everyone was all tuckered out mining that silver lining above, and called it a day early.

Can't blame them!

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