Nintendo Goes After Zelda Fan Game For Violating Copyright

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Screenshot: YouTube

The Missing Link, a new Zelda fan game made by a team led by prominent Mario modder Kaze Emanuar, has had its website and trailers taken down by Nintendo.


We wrote about the game back in July 2020, which was actually 37 months ago, and it looked great! Made using mostly recycled assets from both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask (though with one very cool new item available later on), The Missing Link sought to bridge the gap between both stories with an all-new adventure.

But as Torrentfreak report, the project’s github page was recently taken down by Nintendo, along with its own homepage and all of its YouTube videos. Nintendo’s complaint, which you can read here, basically says the company “has reviewed the reported material and does not believe it qualifies as a fair use of Nintendo’s copyright-protected work.”

While this spells the end for the project’s official online presence, it’s obviously still available and out there on the internet. And yes, I know Nintendo has to protect its properties, but as I’ve said before there are smarter ways of doing it than just applying the hammer every time.

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Why do people still keep doing Nintendo fan games? Do you really want years of work to go down the drain in an instant?