Super Mario 64 Land, An Enormous Fan-Made Mario Game, Is Out Now

Illustration for article titled iSuper Mario 64 Land/i, An Enormous Fan-Made iMario /iGame, Is Out Now

Superstar Mario modder Kaze Emanuar, whose work we’ve featured here a ton, has a huge new project out today: Super Mario 64 Land, an all-new Mario game based on Super Mario 64 that adds new levels, new bosses, new powerups and new music.

There’s a catch—it’s technically a mod for Super Mario 64, not a full standalone executable, so you’ll need a ROM to play it—but whatever, that’s an easy workaround.

Here’s a trailer, showing off how it introduces more contemporary Mario items into the N64 engine, like 3D World’s catsuit:

There are download and installation instructions in the video’s description.

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“wahh don’t report this stuff”, as if anyone here, who wasn’t ALSO in a tiny and niche discord, would have ever heard of this kind of thing otherwise