Mario Modder Creates All-New Zelda Game In Ocarina Of Time's Engine

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Screenshot: The Missing Link

Kaze Emanuar, who we normally post about thanks to his astounding work modding Mario games, has with the help of some friends only gone and made an all-new Legend of Zelda game.


It’s called The Missing Link, and has been made in the Ocarina of Time Engine.

Set in between Ocarina and Majora’s Mask, it tries its hardest to get across that it’s an all-new game, so while some of the gear and characters are familiar, the world and dungeons you play through—complete with cutscenes and story—are all fresh.

Especially cool is a certain item you get later on in the game that I won’t mention because it’s a bit of a spoiler, but which is a great exploration of some of the themes present in this generation of Zelda games and allows for some excellent puzzles.

You can download it here in a variety of formats, depending on how you like to play your modded retro classics.

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Real talk: how many cool mods related to Nintendo properties have remained available for download to this day after Kotaku or another site has reported on them?

I know this is “for the story,” and whatnot; but I don’t see how continued reporting on the modding scene does anything to counteract the longstanding argument of: “The more attention these projects get, the less their life on the internet is because Nintendo is super DMCA happy and actively loves shutting down fan projects with extreme prejudice.”

Better download it while it still exists, I suppose.

Edit: Romhack is unavailable as of my posting this comment lmao.